Hello, I'm Basilmouse le Croix. I'm a Threespeckled Gnuip. 


I found this treehouse deserted and rather run down so I fixed it up a little and made it my own. 


Right now I'm in a quandry and I think you can help me out. Someplace in my treehouse I've misplaced two keys:
  • The sliver one is the key to the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet (wherein lies a map of my treehouse you can use to get to any room instantly - including the secret rooms.) 
  • The gold key will let you into a certain locked room in the catecombs far beneath the roots of my tree. 
Useful things for finding out the secrets of my treehouse:
How do you get to the catecombs? That's for you to figure out. The more important thing is - once you do, how do you get out?  Well, if you get a chance drop me an email to let me know you stopped by. 


Enjoy your visit!

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Hall

The Stairs